December 2021 Newsletter

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December 2021

Merry Christmas Friends,
December is by far my favorite month of the year. Some of the reasons are obvious; Christmas of course, and then there is my birthday two days after. Time spent with family and friends. Winter arrives, although in Texas it often does not feel much like it. I grew up in Buffalo, New York, so snow and cold is something that just goes along with the season.

But for me, I also love the sense that things are coming to fulfillment, and yet I have an eagerness to dream and plan for what next year will bring. The invitation for new beginnings and opportunities. Maybe it is because of the arrival of Jesus, (Immanuel, God with us) that the invitation for new hope rings so strongly for me. Is it for you?

I was reading through one of my journals recently and came across this: “God is the initiator in our relationship.” Jesus is the human manifestation of that fact. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” (John 1:14) Jesus is God’s invitation to creation to receive God’s love.

I think one of our greatest challenges as humans is to figure out how we are loved by God. Sometimes that turns into some kind of quest. Lots of striving, getting it right, behaving better, not sinning, just a lot of work to try and be good enough to be loved. Why do we do that?

The good news of the gospel is really short and sweet; “God loved the world…and there was Jesus. Everything about the love of God is wrapped up in that baby lying in a manger. Yes, Easter is coming, but the invitation comes with His birth.

What is His invitation to you right now? What does he want to show you? Teach you? How does He want to love you? Do these questions bring you a sense of hope? As we unwrap the gifts under the tree, may we be reminded of the gift of God’s love, and sing with great Joy along with the angels; glory to God in the highest and peace on earth.

I do need to tell you as we wrap up the year, we need your help. Lifesong is a “crowdfunded” organization, which means that each and every year we rely on the support of our friends and allies to meet our financial needs. The resources that we provide for at risk youth have a cost. Your gifts to us are investments in the rescue and restoration of so many kids. It has been a fantastic year, but there is so much more to do.

If you have not done so, we are asking you to consider partnering with us financially. You can give online on our website,; you can also mail a check to:

Lifesong Resources
2520 Stonegate Dr. N.
Bedford, TX 76021

Also, don’t forget to check with your employer for matching donations for year-end giving. Thank you for supporting us this year; we are truly grateful.

Merry Christmas,

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